Morgan Sloane

Keep your investment secure

Complete property asset management for your portfolio

Whether you have three or 3,000 properties in your portfolio, our asset managers can help you to keep on top of everything and ensure you're making the most from your investment.

Our property asset management services include:

  • Identifying locations on the rise where you may want to invest in property, as well as alternative development opportunities such as car parks and telecom sites.
  • Surveying your properties and consulting on improvements that may increase rental income, including renovations, extensions and general improvements.
  • Recalculating ground rent where the lease requires it to ensure you're effectively competing in the market, which means charging enough to remain competitive without putting your tenants off.
  • Project managing changes to your portfolio, including insurance, purchasing and selling. For instance, for insurance purposes you should regularly have a reinstatement cost assessment.
  • Creating Land Registry compliant drawings and plans for your properties. These drawings are a legal requirement when making changes to a property, such as extending the property.
We also provide property surveys and inspections, including forfeiture inspections should one of your tenants forfeit their lease and leave your property in disarray.

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