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Reinstatement valuation for insurance purposes

Check your property's insurance value

We can provide you with reinstatement valuation for insurance purposes, to ensure your property's insured for the correct amount should anything go wrong.

Reviewing your property's reinstatement value

It's crucial that you have your property's reinstatement value reassessed every three years at the very least, or whenever you make a significant alternation to your property. For example, if you convert your loft or extend your property, you should reassess its reinstatement value as it's likely to have increased.
By regularly having your property's reinstatement value assessed, you ensure that should your home incur extensive damage (e.g. a house fire) you are covered for the correct amount and can, therefore, rebuild or repair without having to worry about the financial implications.

Assessing redevelopment potential

A benefit of a reinstatement valuation is that it includes an external property inspection. Therefore, if you're planning to extend for property, for example, you can assess your property's redevelopment potential at the same time without having to pay for a second property survey.

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