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Our chartered surveyors have extensive experience dealing with inheritance queries and can provide a reliable inheritance tax valuation for your property.

What is an inheritance tax valuation?

Also known as ‘probate valuations’, an inheritance tax valuation is the process of valuing a property to calculate its real-market-value. This valuation is then used, amongst other assets, to calculate the amount of tax due on a deceased person's estate for inheritance purposes.

How does it work?

Like if you were selling a property, the property you're having valued for inheritance tax purposes will be assessed based on the state of the property market at the time of the valuation. The property’s outstanding mortgage is then discounted and what's left is the actual value.

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At Morgan Sloane, we are experienced in valuing a range of property and can provide you with a reliable valuation at a reasonable cost, which will mean one less worry during this difficult time.

For an accurate inheritance tax valuation, contact us and speak to a chartered surveyor.

Useful Information
HMRC recommend that you use a professional valuer and caution against using estate agents.