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Land Registry compliant plans and drawings

We provide title plans, floor plan drawings and more

We have years of experience creating Land Registry compliant plans and drawings, including:

Title plans 

Land Registry compliant title plans can be used by solicitors and domestic clients. 

A title plan depicts the ownership of a registered title, produced in order to support the property description. All registered titles must be complaint and accompanied by a title plan to correctly define the freehold boundaries of a site, as well as easements, covenants and other references as appropriate.

Floor plan drawings

Our floor plan drawing services are suitable for architects, attaining planning permission, and for marketing purposes. 

A floor plan is a scale diagram of the arrangement of rooms in one storey of a building. They detail the arrangement of permanent features such as doors, walls, stairs, kitchens or bathrooms. 

At Morgan Sloane, we work on projects for planning applications, internal alterations, marketing and ensure the plans suit your specifications and requirements. 

Lease plans

Land Registry compliant lease plans which can be used by solicitors and domestic clients.

A lease plan is a scaled metric drawing depicting exactly what area of land is included in the lease. Plans are commonly required when a leasehold property is registered for the first time, a leasehold property is sold, the lease has been extended or the demise of the property changes.

All our plan drawing services can be accompanied by additional surveys, too. Just ask.

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