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Specialists in freehold purchase

Owned your home for more than two years? You may be eligible

If you've owned your home for more than two years and are considering buying the freehold, our freehold purchase specialists can help.

What are your rights?

Since 1967, tenants of houses under long leases have had the right either to acquire the freehold or to extend the lease by 50 years, although the right to extend is rarely used.

Are you eligible?

You must first understand whether you meet the criteria to buy the freehold of your leasehold property. Consider the following:

  • The property must be a house
  • The house must be held under a long lease (for example, granted for more than 21 years)
  • You must have owned the house for more than two years
The timescale for owning a house begins from the date of registration at the Land Registry.

If you have not owned the lease for the last two years, you may still qualify if you have succeeded to the tenancy on the death of a family member and have been resident in the house.

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