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Grow your property portfolio

Let us identify opportunities for your portfolio development

Whether you have two properties, two hundred or two thousand, we are experts at identifying income streams that you hadn't even thought of. 

If you own property, there are ways of adding additional income streams at every corner. And we’re not talking about turning large plots of grass into a housing estate, but unrealised development opportunities that could provide you with additional income.

Car park development

In most towns and cities, there is a shortage of parking and, therefore, a high demand for parking spaces, especially for commuters or homeowners that do not have access to off-road parking and require a long-term solution. 

Throughout Essex there is an opportunity for you to develop surplus land within your property portfolio into parking spaces, which you can then let out periodically (e.g. monthly, quarterly, annually, etc.). Parking spaces require little maintenance, which makes them an excellent choice for development.  

Rooftop development

Many buildings within your property portfolio will have flat roofs, and this space provides endless opportunity for development. You can turn the rooftop into liveable space by adding floors and then developing flats, or you can market it to telecoms providers and other similar users who require space for communication systems.

New property development

The best way to generate regular income as a developer is to build a stable property portfolio. But to do this, you must identify deteriorating properties with potential that you can transform and generate regular rental income from, which means the property must be in an excellent location and suited to buyers' needs. That's where we can help.

Advertising opportunities

If you have buildings near major roads or railway lines then you may be able to market them for use as advertising space.  An unused gable end wall can be put to valuable use for an advertising board, these come in many shapes and sizes to suit most situations, the income they provide can be substantial and it is worth speaking to an expert who can help you to realise the value in this space. We have the contacts and experience to assist.


Many utility, broadband, cable TV and telephone companies are looking to agree wayleaves (the right to cross your land) with property owners, particularly those with large portfolios. We have the contacts and expertise to find out if your properties are suitable and within the areas these companies are looking.

Contact us to identify opportunities.