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Level 3 Condition Survey (Building Survey)

In the process of purchasing a property? It’s important to consider arranging a survey to be carried out. Whilst there are different types of property surveys, a Building Survey is one of the most comprehensive and detailed surveys available. Building Surveys will highlight any issues and defects that may not be easily identified when viewing a property. Choosing to arrange a Building Survey can end up saving buyers a great deal of time, hassle and money. 

What is a building survey?

A Building Survey, also commonly known as a Level 3 Survey, is a comprehensive inspection of a property. In fact, it’s the most comprehensive survey available for residential properties and will provide a detailed report of the condition of a property.  It is particularly suited to older buildings, those of unusual construction, or if it has previously been altered or extended. The Building Survey is also the best choice where you know there are defects that need attention, or if you are planning to make alterations or improvements to the property.  

What is included in a Building Survey?

A Building Survey covers all accessible parts of the property. From a comprehensive visual inspection of the external and internal elements of the building fabric and structure we are able to determine the construction and condition of the elements of the property. The report will describe the construction and condition of the building fabric, the extent and type of remedial repair required or the extent of further investigation or other advice required, and potential future maintenance issues. 

Building Surveys do not usually involve valuations but these can be provided additionally if required.

Is a Building Survey worth it?

We highly recommend arranging a Building Survey as it will reveal an incredible amount of detail that may not have been visible or apparent on your visits to the property. By choosing to have a Building Survey carried out, you’ll be making sure you’re aware of any significant issues before committing to the purchase of your potential new home. 

How to determine what type of survey I need when buying a property?

Typically, the type of house survey you'll need will largely depend on the age and condition of the property you're buying. If you’re planning on purchasing an older property or one that has been altered, a Building Survey is most likely the best option for you. If you’re struggling to determine the best building survey, please feel free to get in touch with our team. We’ll be able to talk you through the options and advise you on the best route forward.

Building Surveys do not usually involve valuations but these can be provided additionally if required.
If you would like an example of one of our building surveys please just contact us and we will happily send one out to you.

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