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New Build Snagging Surveys

New House Snagging Surveys

When buying a New Build House, although you might not feel it necessary to get a traditional survey such as a Home Buyer Report or Building Survey, it is prudent to have your new purchase examined by a professional who can offer independent, unbiased advice on the condition of your new home and the quality of the build.  To this end, a New Build Snagging Survey is the best option.

New Build Snagging Surveys are designed to look for problems with a new-build home. Developers should remedy any problems identified in snagging surveys quickly and ideally before you move in. Unlike a traditional house survey, a snagging survey should pick up everything from minor issues, such as doors not closing properly or untidy paint finished to more serious and structural problems.

A snagging survey is a minor cost when compared to the price of your new home and a wise investment to ensure peace of mind in your new build house.

Once the survey has been completed the result will be a snagging list that will record the defects and enable you to have your new house finished to the appropriate standard.

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