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We can save you money on the costs of buildings insurance for your block of flats

Your costs are dictated by the amount the building is insured for, and the cost of the premium – we can help ensure both elements are correct thus saving you money

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  • Right to Manage insurance
  • Buildings Insurance
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How to Save money...

All our insurance policies are tailored to fit your insurance needs, making sure that your property is fully covered for only what you need

  • Commerical Property Insurance
  • Contents Insurance
  • Enfranchisement Insurance

...On your sum Insured

Get the sum insured figure professionally assessed. If your figure is too high then you will be over-paying on your premiums. If it is too low then in the event of a claim (even a minor claim) you will not get back the full amount you are owed. Online calculators cannot accurately assess your properties rebuild cost, they are good for providing a rough guide for an average 3 bed semi but cannot accurately assess the needs of a converted or purpose built block of flats. The best approach is always to speak to a surveyor.

...On your premium

Speak to a real human being to get a quote for your premium! Quote comparison ‘factories’ found on the internet are not suitable for blocks of flats. Again, the best approach is to get proper professional advice, apart from getting a more accurate assessment of your needs, the premium is likely to be cheaper too!