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Book a property inspection in Colchester, Essex

Is your investment safe? It's the same question our surveyors will ask when completing your property inspection – available in Colchester and surrounding areas

Whether you're a mortgage lender, freeholder or managing agent, in the case of forfeiture or repossession, you'll have the same question: What state is my property in? It's only natural that you want to know whether your money's safe, which is where we come in.

At Morgan Sloane, our chartered surveyors are fully qualified and have extensive experience in completing forfeiture and repossession inspections. When inspecting your property, they'll look beyond cosmetic damage and evaluate every aspect, including doors, windows and flooring. This may also include weather damage, which is crucial if your property’s been unoccupied for some time. 

On completion of your inspection, whatever its purpose, we will provide a full property inspection report, detailing the condition room by room. This report will state where you need to complete repairs and improvements before someone else moves in.

Development opportunities
At your request, while completing your Colchester property inspection – using their knowledge of the local housing market – our surveyors can also identify development opportunities. 

If your property's worse for wear, a full renovation, the addition of an extension or a loft conversion could entice new buyers or tenants. In doing this, you can get your property back on the market and resume and boost your revenue stream.

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