Morgan Sloane

Additional revenue streams for your property portfolio

Are you interested in creating additional revenue streams for your property portfolio?

At Morgan Sloane in light of the possible future government legislation on ground rents we have been working to create additional sources of income for our freeholder clients and would love to welcome you on-board.
We work with a range of companies that require sites for uses such as: advertising hoardings, mobile phone mast sites, wireless broadband providers, utility companies and other things all of which require very little space and potentially could be ground or rooftop based or even hidden underground, depending on the user.
The various users are designed not to impact your day to day business and you would of course have absolute refusal as to whether you were interested or not on a case by case basis.  Providing a list of your sites would not commit you to anything.  In addition, your sites would of course not be revealed to any other clients and would not in any case be identifiable as yours.  We require all interested parties to sign an NDA prior to providing them with a list of sites, and so you can be sure your data remains confidential.
All we require at this stage is a list of addresses, how many units (flats etc) in each block and ideally a note of the freehold title numbers too.  If you happen to have any land or other types of building then that of course would be welcomed.  Sites with large numbers of residential dwellings or in close proximity to major roads are particularly welcomed, but any type of land or building can be added as our partner organisations all have differing requirements.
Our costs in this exercise are in most cases paid by the incoming user rather than yourselves and therefore this comes at no risk and no cost to yourselves.  We also realise that you may have existing arrangements for your other surveying needs, and that’s fine – we are not trying to get you to change your current surveyors, just to add value where you might not have thought of it before (of course, if you do have a need for our other services we’d love to help!)
If you would like your sites to be included, or would like to learn more please let us know.