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At Morgan Sloane, we have more than 17 years’ experience in the telecoms sector, advising both operators and site providers/landlords.

Mobile Telecoms Site Finding and Acquisition Services
We have extensive experience in site finding and acquisition for mobile telephone operators and private companies wishing to build their own networks. We can provide detailed assistance and support throughout the process, and can provide assistance in finding anything from a single site to a large network of individual cells.  

Mobile Telecoms Lease Renewals and Renegotiation
Our chartered surveyors often undertake lease renewals and lease renegotiation on behalf of mobile telephone operators, either upon expiry of an existing lease or part way through a term. We have conducted negotiations throughout the country and have an excellent track record of achieving our client's objectives.

Mobile Telecoms Rent Reviews
We have negotiated numerous rent reviews on mobile telephone mast sites across the country on behalf of network operators, and have substantial experience in assessing the most appropriate rent for the site in question. We will provide thorough but concise advice to our clients and negotiate the best possible deal.

Site Decommissioning
Once a mobile telephone mast site is no longer required by the network operator, it must be decommissioned. Morgan Sloane has extensive experience in negotiating with site providers and arranging the practicalities of decommissioning the structure.  

We specialise in the legal and administrative aspect of the decommissioning process, but work closely with a highly experienced team who can arrange all aspects of the physical decommissioning process. Our services include removing the tower and cabinets, and other aspects of the site, and returning the site to its original condition.

New Code Valuations
On 28 December 2017, the new electronic communications code came into force, enacted through The Digital Economy Act 2017. Despite being a relatively new area of legislation, Morgan Sloane’s extensive experience in mobile telecommunications allows us to provide swift and accurate valuations under the new code.

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